CME Boilermaking Pty Ltd is a privately owned and run West Australian company owned by the Peter Camarri.


Established in late 2007 where CME Boilermaking Pty Ltd started as a labour hire company servicing only the mining industry. For an engineering fabrication company we believed that we had more to offer our clients so we improved in being diverse in our knowledge and experience within other sectors.


Peter brings his vast knowledge and experience within many different areas in fabrication and welding, designing to managing and establishing companies.


  • Completed his apprenticeship at Westralian Sands in Capel. This gave Peter fixed plant experience but as an apprentice at Westralian sands you received training as a fitter/machinist and time in the drafting office.
  • Westrac Kalgoorlie with no experience in earthmoving but a can do attitude to learning and achieving completed 4 years with Westrac Kalgoorlie before his talents were noticed by other companies in Kalgoorlie.
  • Monadelphous – Opportunity to go contracting (Camweld P/L) Peter took on many different roles in these 4 years. Including training people, managing the business and people, to being the leading hand, then Forman, to field service Boilermaking to problem solver with clients on many different machines.
  • Curtin University Kalgoorlie Career change to a trade lecturer training apprentices at for 4 years while also training some classes in front line management.
  • Move to Perth and start contracting again to Roche, Emeco and Westrac hire Equipment.
  • Contacting to New Machines full time before opening the workshop.


Design work and achievements

  • Built first ejector tray for a Terex TU40 and successful rebuilt an ejector tray for an Elphinstone truck.
  • Successful boom and stick repairs for many dealership machines.
  • ROPS/FOPS Repairing, Manufacturing, testing, reporting and understanding of the Australian Standards.
  • Design of an access systems to suit all dealership cranes.
  • Design of an Underground tyre handler.
  • Design and testing of a jacking device for underground trucks.
  • Design, certification of our 50t adjustable stands.
  • Setting up and understanding the requirements for FOPS testing in Kalgoorlie for Westrac, Monadelphous and Galtee Engineering.
  • Completed successful conversions of Caterpillar 769c to Elphinstone 69C.
  • Chassis rebuilds both onsite and the workshop on Caterpillar trucks.
  • Peter has an attitude of it can be done and accepts challenging situation frequently.
  • New Machines – Peter was also involved with the original design of the 16M grader platform designs and the D10 around the back window platform and handrails and many other projects in the past.


‘Our Reputation is our Quality’


CME Boilermaking has always promoted quality for our clients, quality in workmanship, quality in service and value for money. As a company we look at ourselves and realise we are in the business for a long time not a company that closes the doors when times get hard.


We continually review our business processes and practices to ensure that our clients receive the best quality products and services.


Pricing – Supplier           


Due to our long term relationships with our suppliers we have the benefit of being able to negotiate on product pricing ensuring we get the best price for product. It is our policy to pass these savings on to our clients. We also complete thorough market research to ensure that the prices we are quoted is the least costly. We also look at the quality and back up of the products as the cheapest isn’t always the best quality, but we always present the client with the options and explain the difference and why we go for a particular product.




All work is completed off quotes and if the scope changes we can requote the variances or complete it at a cost plus.


Fixed pricing for existing jobs – We have a system with Flexi-parts with the track frames cannon and bogies that some of the costing is a standard price as the scope and repairs is very consistent and our people have become very efficient at completing these task.


Quotes are continually reviewed an updated to ensure any cost savings are passed on the client.


All quotes are e-mail to the relevant person on PDF and we are always happy to discuss costing and revisit quotes if required.


Tradesmen & Apprentices


Overheads are kept to a minimum by running the company efficiently and ensuring our workforce is diverse and skilled across various aspects of welding and fabrication. As such work can be completed in house with no requirement for external contractors.


Our people also understand that we cannot afford to pay over the top wages and that it is more about consistent work from the clients that see the company through difficult times and them with long term jobs with this attitude we have maintained to work and pay or guys 10 hours per day 5 days a week to keep on top of our work load. CME Boilermaking employs an independent company named Employsure who look after all our employee agreement and handle all our employee grievances.


Through this latest down turn we have been able to bring on one of Westrac’s Boilermaking apprentices that were laid off and give him the opportunity to continue his apprenticeship. Our hourly rate to our clients has not changed even though we have endured some difficult times and we believe this has held us in good stead with our clients who have continued to use us during the latest down turn.


Peter having training experience he understands the importance of continual training so we have a long standing relationship with CCI and the local training institutes. As such CME Boilermaking takes on 1 to 2 apprentices a year and our policy is to dismiss our apprentices after they finish their apprenticeship so they go out and get more personal experience as a tradesperson. CME Boilermaking is dedicated to training both our current workforce and the future workforce, we always endeavour to place school based trainees in our work place. We have had agreements in the past with other clients were they sent there apprentices to us for further training and experience so they could get experience and pressures from a suppliers aspect.




The workshop is located in Midvale just off the Great Eastern hwy and not far from the Great Northern hwy which helps when moving work to the North or the East. Our workshop is 1100Sq metres and it has a 10ton over head crane. We are always looking to improve our equipment and tooling to better serve our clients requirements and the direction of our company as we are diverse in our skills it normally requires specialty tool which we either buy or hire depending on our use after the job.


Workshop equipment includes;

  • 125ton brake press.
  • Pipe benders.
  • Welders and gougers.
  • Thermal lances 8mm and 16mm.
  • Saws and magnetic drills.
  • Plasma cutters.
  • Electric Stainless steel neutraliser’s machine.
  • Magnetic particle testers.
  • Thickness testers.
  • Aluminium Pulse MIGs and TIG machines.
  • Sandblasting and Painting equipment.
  • Rhino – lining Equipment.
  • 5 ton forklift and BHB mobile crane 8ton
  • We are at the moment looking to acquire a small freight company to also complete our pick up and deliveries and for clients also to be able to use this service.
  • Along with this we can also offer the Engineering, NDT, material testing, Powder coating, Machining, reporting and inspection services.
  • We are constantly sourcing and buying new equipment to keep up with demands from clients.



Some of our current projects and clients include the following which also shows our diversity and we believe many of these clients would be happy to give our company a reference on the service work we have completed;

  • Joondalup City car park – 85t of beam work and concrete moulds for BLD Group.
  • Perth Arena/ Venuewest – Lifting beams in the roof for the basketball super screen.
  • Installation of 2 x 150m of S/S pipe work into the aquifer/Water wells.
  • Re-design of plant walkways and platforms.
  • 300 and 400t Certified out rigger pads.
  • Light weight Crane access systems for.
  • Generator housing rebuilds.
  • Service trailers for onsite.
  • Fabricate 3 new AD55 trays.
  • CME Boilermaking 50t Adjustable stands.
  • Repairing the face shovel cab monitor brackets on the cab FOPS.
  • Fabrication Bomb boxes for utes.
  • Fabricate of S/Steel SOS boxes
  • Fabrication of window guards and vandal panels.
  • Pressure pipes and coded welding.
  • 12×6 metre Explosives Magazine.


Labour hire


CME Boilermaking started as a basic labour hire company in 2007 working  with clients to give them trade people while also being cost effective.




CME is always exploring the opportunity to expand into different areas to improve the business as a whole for our clients. We have introduced the Rhino-line and painting to the business over the last couple of years and we have recently purchased a sandblaster so we can offer another service. In the future we are looking to expand our business into powder coating, more into machining and transport division to move jobs for our clients.


Rhino lining


Owen Bolger is responsible for this company and is the best contact to speak to and receive quotes


Please follow the link to our other site in WA Lining Solutions


Advertising and Social Media


CME Boilermaking has a facebook site which showcase our products or jobs we are completing and gives people a better understanding on what we do for our different clients and it reaches out to our young generation for future ambitions in the trade or getting a trade with CME Boilermaking.


CME Boilermaking sponsors a lot of motorsport particularly Speedway and Dirt karts – We a heavy involved with one of Australia’s premier Speedcar teams in McAllan Motorsports which see us racing around Australia. We like to scout for young drivers with the right attitude and commitment and our current driver 17yo Kaiden Manders is a promoters dream with all his attributes and attitude. We base one car here in WA while our other car is based in NSW which allows us to race QLD too. A third car is in production which we are hoping to get across to the USA for Kaiden and the team to go professional. This advertising on the Speedcar has paid dividends for CME Boilermaking as we have lots of traffic though our website from these states and we have got work from people seeing the car and its profession outlay.